Fluidra and Zodiac have closed their merger Our mission is to be the most customer-focused pool company in the industry. Our team of product andmarket experts is now 5,500 people strong, meaning more resources to support innovation in critical areas such as energy-efficiency, electronic pool cleaners and the Internet of things. We now offer you a wider range of products from the most recognized brands in the sector. Likewise, our logistics network is more extensive, allowing us to provide you with the product that you need, when and where you need it. We are guided by clear values and come to work every day with a simple and direct mission in mind: To create the perfect pool and wellness experience. WE CREATE THE PERFECT POOL AND WELLNESS EXPERIENCE OUR MISSION NEW VALUES FOR THE NEW FLUIDRA Passion for success Honesty and Trust We are honest, transparent and accessible Teamwork 1+1 > 2 We are humble and inclusive Learn and adapt We are open minded, flexible and positive We are committed, accountable and consistent Excellence and innovation We continuously improve and aim to be the best Customer collaboration We add value for our users and customers WELCOME TO THE NEW